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We offer in-person and online services focused on your emotional health, with a comprehensive, total and holistic view. In-person and online services



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About Us

InAltum-USA Emotional and Mental Health. It is an interdisciplinary team of bilingual professionals (English/Spanish) focused on emotional health, with a comprehensive and holistic view of the person. We offer in-person and online services.


We Understand The Importance Of An Accurate And Reliable Psychological Assessment In Various Contexts.

Our evaluations delve into personality, mental status, competence, credibility, risks, and treatment needs. This process provides crucial information for a variety of purposes, from applying for humanitarian visas to evidencing emotional ties or traumatic experiences. In addition, they can be used to request exceptions to requirements, among others

The psychological evaluation can be for:

  • Immigration
  • Medical intervention
  • Adoption
  • Judicial

The report resulting from the evaluation offers results, conclusions, diagnoses and recommendations supported by experts. This document carries significant legal weight and can be filed with the appropriate authorities as necessary.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our specialized therapists. Whether in person at our headquarters in Philadelphia, or online, we are committed to providing you with the care and support necessary in this important process.

Don’t postpone your psychological and legal well-being! Click below to schedule your consultation.

Raul Monfort

Graduated from La Salle University, Philadelphia, PA. Specialized in depression, trauma and evaluations for immigrants. It offers bilingual services (Spanish and English) in person and online.

Florencia Adam

Graduate in Psychology (M.P. 4622), graduated from the University of Aconcagua, Mendoza, Argentina. Specialized in Vocational-Occupational Guidance and psychological clinical care for young people and adults with a Cognitive-Behavioral approach and Brief Therapies.

Eduardo Montoro

Psychologist specialized in depression and mood disorders. Graduate in Psychology from the Catholic University of Cuyo, with a Master in Counseling Psychology from the European University of Rome. In addition, he has degrees in Systematic Philosophy and Philosophy of Law.

Melisa Cangialosi

Graduate in Psychology from the Argentine Catholic University, Mendoza, Argentina. Specialized in behavioral and contextual therapies, evidence-based therapies, and support in cases of gender violence.

(Psych. Lic. #5003)



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